Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Has Business and the Job World Changed? Why Is It Important for You to Be a Leader?

The basic description of a safe, dependable job that can be relied on to support your dream or vision of a secure life has changed. Jobs where your welfare is cared about, you are respected as a human being and as a contributor to the success of a business is not common anymore.

I am speaking from a general perspective in this article, there are exceptions to what I am saying about companies, corporations and business, the idea is that the general perspective and philosophy of business has changed, therefore the value of a traditional job has changed.

The time when you could rely on a job that paid you well enough to buy a house, put your kids through college and provide you with a good retirement appears to be a concept of the past. Times have definitely changed. The skilled factory worker today is no longer treated as an important and relied upon worker. International market competition combined with a lost since of humanity has pushed businesses disregard worker loyalty. Developments like out sourcing, technology and world wide market competition have corrupted the respect for the working man and woman. Today it's all about the cheapest labor for the highest profit. The shareholders bottom line is the only real consideration. The perception of a fair days work for a fair wage is all but gone. A true honest living wage is much harder to come by.

The middle class is disappearing because greed and profit have overwhelmed the humanity is the work place. Very few large employers consider equity and a fair playing field in the economy of today. Whatever it takes to create the largest profit for the few at the top is the name of the game. We have seen it on Wall Street, we see it at the big box stores, we see it in the current philosophy of get rich now and do whatever it takes.

The planet is suffering from this way of seeing the world, the environment is pushed aside as a serious consideration when it comes to profit. Very little of the vast profit at the top is not being used to improve and benefit the good of society, instead some of these profits are used to buy the political leaders and twist the laws and legislation to benefit big business at the cost and benefit of society. The term "dog eat dog world" has never been more appropriate today when applied to the way the business and corporate world operates and behaves.

This kind of selfish greedy thinking has also back fired and is changing the way people consume, how they relate to businesses and where they will spend their money.
People are wanting to buy and associate with other people, not a faceless all for profit corporation. People want to be part of positive motives behind products they buy. Social media is the most glaring example of how people see the world today, especially the younger working population. They want to be part of a tribe of like minded people. They want to spend their money with companies they believe in, companies that have a vision and mission that mirrors their values, they want a better more sustainable world.

A big part of the reason that business, jobs and the economic landscape has changed, is because people are seeing that they can be a leader without having to be at the top. They don't have to be rich, powerful or famous to be a leader. Leaders today are creating new ideas, products and movements by reaching out and engaging with other people who step up and offer their leadership. There does not have to be only one leader, very one's ideas and contributions can be valued and everyone can be given the space to add in their leadership. This is how social messages and interaction through the internet has been changing the world. It's happening all across the world, the Arab uprising has been fueled through this social media mechanism, political campaigns are being waged through websites, by soliciting consensus. Leaders are emerging all along the way with ideas and calls to action.

If you are a person who no longer wants to just be a cog in the old school job perspective, if you no longer feel secure and believe your job can be relied on, then maybe it's time for you to assert the leadership you have in you.

One of the ways this is happening for millions of people who are still working at a job to pay the basic bills, is by starting a home business part time and working toward quitting their jobs, going full time and taking control of their own lives.

Teaming up with other people who are leaders of their own groups and businesses, leveraging the power of many leaders all teaming up and working together is part of a new business style and model. There are very few models of business that allow for this kind of team leadership, where you can be the leader of your own business and work with and leverage the leaders of other independent businesses. This model for business is network marketing. The business model where everyone is welcome to be a leader, everyone is paid what their worth, and their are no boundaries or limitations on how far you can go.

When you are given the opportunity to be a leader and you don't let ego, greed or the desire for power to get in the way, you can work with other leaders as a team and the sky is the limit on the positive benefits and outcomes that can happen.

Michael writes articles concerning environmental sustainability issues, including holistic health and business solutions for environmental preservation. He also coaches and trains people about how to get started, in their own home business as an, entrepreneur and leader.

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